• Don't you exaggerate a bit with this calmness thing??
We are really crazy about it ;) We believe that peace is a value that we have less and less in us, that's why we want to propagate it with all our strength.

  • Why is the delivery time between 14 and 40 days?
The extended delivery time is due to the fact that all our products come directly from the manufacturer, bypassing many intermediaries, which allows us to present products at the most attractive prices.
Even so, 90% of our shipments reach our customers within 14 days.

  • I got the wrong product color, what to do?
Let us know and we will send you the right color or we will refund your money.

  • I can not find the tracking number, how can I get it?
If it is not in your e-mail, ask us to send it via the contact form. Then you can check the status of the shipment in the "Tracking shipment" tab.

  • How do you deal with any disputes with clients?
Every error from our side is always repaired for the benefit of the customer.